Why use an electrician from Aspire Electrical?

By using our company, you can be assured that you will receive a NICEIC registered and properly trained electrician to carry out electrical works on your property. A huge benefit of choosing our electrician services is that the risks to your property and life will be greatly minimised. By choosing to carry out these works by yourself is extremely risky and could endanger your life and property.


How do I know if my property needs rewiring?

We have inserted a visual diagram our customers to help indicate if your property needs a rewire. The following visual signs will also help indicate if your property needs rewiring:

  • Black rubber coated cables, lead or fabric coated cables. Modern cables are only ever coated in PVC.
  • Fuse box with cast iron switches, wooden back or a mixture of circuit boxes
  • Old round-pin sockets or round light switches
  • Braided flex hanging from ceiling to light fittings
  • Black switches or sockets mounted onto or in skirting boards
  • Bathroom wall mounted light switches

Why can’t my friend or relative do the electrical work?

Despite the concept of making an electrical circuit work being easy to figure out, the hard work is in making the circuit operate safely. This is work that can only be achieved by a trained professional at Aspire Electrical. By selecting our company, you can be certain to avoid the dangers that will arise from using an amateur electrician.

A friend carried out work on my property but I need a certificate for the work carried out. How do I get a certificate?

We can only provide certificates if the work has been carried out in relation to the regulations. Testing is not a simple option as it does not reveal whether the wiring has been laid properly. To give a certificate we will have to remove flooring, skirting and other like material to inspect the wiring.

Why do my electrics keep tripping?

In many modern households, there is a trip switch installed into most fuse boards which works to prevent fires and save lives. At Aspire, we understand that if the fuse boards constantly trips this can be a big nuisance. Our electricians will quickly identify any faults and correct them.

Will you really give me a ‘no strings attached’ free quote?

Yes, we have built our business on repeat customers and ensuring our customers receive the best possible service. We offer free advice and an honest ‘no obligation’ free quotation.

I have been in my home for over 20 years, why should the electrics be tested?

Governmental figures have shown time and time again that electricity is the cause of many fires. Every year around 350,000 people are seriously injured in an electrical accident and government surveys have shown these risks can be reduced if homeowners used qualified electricians to survey their electrics regularly.

Why Should I Use Aspire Electrical?

By choosing our company, customers can expect to be treated fairly by Aspire Electrical regardless of the job size. Aspire Electrical is a registered and approved member of the following organisations NICEIC and Check-A-Trade.